Welcome to the Ideal State WISE Charter Committee California.

Utilizing the world-renowned ethics, establishment officer and administrative technologies and procedures of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard , the Charter Committee offers training workshops and dispute resolution procedures that guide business people through the exact procedures that enable them to become more productive, successful and happier in their careers and lives.

The purpose of this web site is to make the services, events and activities of the Ideal State WISE Charter Committee widely known, thereby increasing its numbers and impact on society.

This site also serves to assist Charter members with their objectives of providing regional WISE members the tools and professional assistance they may need to enhance their success, achieve industry benchmarks and attain community objectives.

Charter Members include a wide range of community business leaders, influencers, digital marketers, social media strategists, consultants, motivational speakers, web and brand designers, email marketing and lead generation specialists, philanthropists, non profits, lawyers and activists, holding memberships in other like-minded groups such as NSA, eWomen Network, WSA, Chamber of Commerce, State Bar Association and many other civic, trade and professional associations.

Members are results-oriented troubleshooters, some with decades of in-the-trenches experience.

Founded for Scientologists in 1979, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) is an international religious fellowship organization. The headquarters of WISE is in Los Angeles, California while another 13 branch offices are located across five continents.

The WISE membership itself is composed of business people and professionals across the globe who utilize L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative works both in their own businesses and to help individuals in their communities. In fact, WISE members have delivered L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative solutions to over 180,000 businesses and professional firms in 70 countries and in more than 20 languages.

Explore this site and find out what the WISE Charter Committee can do for you!