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WISE Membership Levels

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General Membership: $500

This membership level is for the business owner or entrepreneurs with no or few staff, and is the minimum membership level required for consultants in private practice. Benefits include all benefits available at the Individual level membership PLUS…

  • A General membership card
  • Field Representative Kit
  • The right to be licensed to deliver consulting, seminars and workshops to the general business public.
  • All upcoming on-line publications
  • The Issue Authority line for approval on materials that contain L. Ron Hubbard’s works in their company, i.e., Hat Packs
  • and checksheets (for training), company policies, etc.
  • All of the Business Handling Checklists
  • 10% discount on seminars, workshops, debugs and ethics handling services offered by the Charter Committee.
  • The Model of Admin Know-How Workbook


Company Membership: $1,500

This is for business owners who have less than 20 employees or who wish to avail themselves of the benefits available at this level membership. Benefits include all benefits available at WISE General membership level PLUS…

  • The right to be licensed to deliver consulting, seminars, workshops secular admin tech courses to the general business public.
  • The right to establish an In-House Course Room for training your employees on the 11 secular LRH management courses listed below, as well as checksheeted courses you wish to compile yourself for specialized functions related to your business. An In-House Course Room can now be established in only DAYS—a new “Company Trainer” checksheet is available to train someone on how to administer the courses, which only takes a week or less even for someone with no previous training in study tech. The courses that can be delivered in-house with this level of membership are:
  • Improving Business Through Communication
  • Study Skills for Life
  • Learning how to Learn
  • Basic Study Manual
  • How to Use a Dictionary
  • Formulas for Business Success
  • Management by Statistics
  • How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company
  • How to Effectively Handle Work
  • Ethics for Business Survival
  • Two Issue Authority submissions every six months at no charge (non-cumulative)
  • Four additional step-by-step programs to further implement Hubbard® Administrative Technology into your business, including:
  • The Marketing Implementation Program
  • The Personnel TIP’ing Program
  • The Implementing Employee Basics
  • The Dissemination through Company Tours Program


Corporate Membership: $6,000

The WISE Corporate membership level is for business owners who have over twenty employees or for those who want to avail themselves of all the benefits available at this level. Benefits include all those available at Company level membership, PLUS…

  • The Treasury On-Policy Program, the next step-by-step implementation program to achieve a standard and efficient Accounts area. PLUS…
  • The right to be licensed to deliver consulting, seminars, workshops and secular admin tech courses to the general business public.
  • The right to deliver these additional Hubbard Administrative Technology courses:
  • How to get Things Done
  • Executive Basics
  • How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior
  • Public Relations
  • Surveys
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Basic Organization
  • How to Program your Company to Make Planning Become Actuality
  • How to Write Effective Company Policy
  • Effective Leadership
  • Ups and Downs in Life
  • Personal Values & Integrity
  • How to Get Along with Others


Charter Membership

The Charter Membership is composed of the most ethical WISE members who are entrusted with administering and expanding the local WISE membership. Benefits include:


  • All General Membership rights, plus
  • The right to establish and serve on a regional Charter Committee
  • The right to be licensed to deliver dispute resolutions and related Charter Committee services to the WISE membership
  • The right to administer the WISE membership and activities in their local area
  • Charter Member logo lapel pin
  • Access to Charter Members-Only web sites, online groups and download libraries

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